Welcome to my world of Tales and Travels.

I love to travel and collect stories on my way , add a bit of fiction to the fascinating tales I hear or observe and publish them , mostly on kindle.There is a bit of reality in every work of fiction and I intend to blur that line in my work , because with every person a story travels , personal flavor is added and what we hear is many a times a different version of the original one. Readers own imagination cannot be discredited here , after all every piece of writing is interpreted by it’s reader in a unique way.

Following are my published books on various topics , available on kindle

On Travel :

Solo Indian woman Traveler

Romance Novellas :  

When Love knocks at your Door

Poetry  and Sufism:

You don’t possess Rumi, Rumi possess you

I share here my love of life , my zeal to explore , my fascination with people and my quest of unknown

Be with me in the journey and share your thoughts and experiences .. let’s sail together to the new beautiful horizons. Link to Blog